I have always dreamt of having a tattoo but was always so afraid to do it coz of the pain and after care stuff but I finally got the courage to do something for my 19th birthday last year. So I am going to share my tips, care and after thoughts of the tattoo that I got.

What is the Tattoo?

I got the french line “C’est La Vie” which means “It’s Life” in english on my forearm.

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Why I got it?

There is exactly no main reason behind me getting this tattoo. I just wanted something that will me forever on my skin to show who I am or what I feel. Life has it’s ups and downs but I have been pushed down to the ground a few times in life while me aiming to fly high in the sky. So this saying is just to remind me that whatever goes on in life it is how it was meant to be. There is exactly nothing that you could do about it to change but this is the reality that one should always remember.

Pain Level

I was so nervous till they started with the tattoo. Everyone of my friends were trying to convince me not to do it due to high pain. In my opinion it was not so bad. Maybe pain tolerance level depends from person to person. I have or any girl have experienced more pain in life then getting a tattoo like waxing or other beauty treatments. The pain also depends on the length of the tattoo I guess. Mine was just a small one and it got made in like 15 minutes.


After Pain

After I got done with the tattoo, they wrapped it with medicated paper and tape for 2-3 hours just so that dust does not go into it. There was some blood on the tattoo which I had to clean after taking the paper off with gentle water. The pain while getting the tattoo was negligible but to be frank the after pain was killing me a bit maybe for 2 hours after getting the tattoo.

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After Care

The place where I got the tattoo from told me to get some non scented soap to wash the tattoo but I didn’t get it. I just got the cream they recommended to put on the tattoo when it starts to itch or you feel that they tattoo is getting dry due to the flacking process. I was not supposed to wash the tattoo with any other soap till it heals completely and even I could not expose it a lot to the water. It was a challenge bathing I tell you.

Where I got it from?

Lucky Devil Tattoos & Piercing , 18 Clapperton St, Barrie, ON L4M 0E8, Canada


CAD$ 150 inclusive of taxes.

Would I get another one?

I am planning to get another one on my 20th birthday this year. I have a few ideas in mind let’s see where it goes. I will definitely keep you guys posted.


Je vous remercie 🙂 






I am Back…!!!

Hey guys! How are you all doing? It’s been so long since I posted something on my blog. I being busy with all the shifting to another country stuff (Yes, I moved to CANADA!!!). So it was hard yet exciting to explore new places, getting new friends, being independent.

I would say that I have seen how life works after leaving my home and coming to Canada. While living under the guidance of your parents, you don’t really get to see the real world because parents being parents don’t let you go out and see the harshness in people. I always assumed back living with my family that the world is a happy place and everything you give to people gives you something in return but to be frank that is not how it works. Sometimes you give everything to the people you love and in return you get nothing because they don’t appreciate it and go to people who give them more but you know what that is perfectly fine. Going through this phase (making those mistakes) makes you strong, makes you what you are today.

Less than a year ago, I was all princess (thanks to my parents for upbringing me that way). Everything I wanted in life was just the matter of asking my parents to buy that for me and now when I have started earning on my own I realize how much our parents have done for us and how little we have appreciated them. When you start earning your own money you get to know the meaning of spending, the meaning of life. The life i have lived in the past 1 year here was bittersweet. I got so many opportunities to fly and open my wings to the fullest and then I got a few things that led me down to the crashing to the ground but that’s what life is, some people just try to bring you down no matter what and others will build you up. What matters here is that you get right up after you reach the ground no matter how many times you fail.

I don’t want to make anyone feel that i just copied it from somewhere but this is what i have learnt in just 1 year of my life here and a lot of things are left to learn.

Anyways leaving it here. I would post makeup blogs as I used to do before. Hope you guys will enjoy it as you enjoyed it before.

Je vous remercie 🙂